Tuesday, June 1, 2010


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  1. "Yes, just finished Gilbert The Spider! I Loved, loved, loved it. Just remember, for those of you reading it, to have a box of tissue handy...You will probably need it!! Tried to post a comment, but couldn't....?? Could possibly be a life changer for many, including myself. Thank you, Clyde I am planning on re-reading it soon." This was copied from an e-mail sent by Lynne Davis

  2. Tracie wrote:"Gilbert the Spider is a wonderful book that really causes you to think about the people you encounter on a daily basis! It shows how God is at work in your life even when you are not paying attention...yet God always has a way of getting your attention...I like the way it talked about functioning in your purpose and how obedience is a blessing! I really enjoyed reading this book...5 stars for me!!!"

  3. One of these appointed times is the time of reaping.” There was a few “amen’s” from the church. Pastor continued, “With everything that we do in this life there is a seed planted. This is a spiritual seed, and whatever the seed is, it will produce something. This planting process is called sowing.”
    “No matter what we sow there will be a time that we will reap that which has been sown. Good or bad, there will be a time for reaping.”
    The entire church responded with a hearty, “Amen”
    Pastor continued preaching, but there were a couple of congregants who seemed to be preoccupied. R.J. was not paying much attention to the sermon, because he was busy sending a text. Sonny was watching Tanya, who seemed to be very much into the sermon.
    There was something that was constantly on Sonny’s mind. He knew that he needed to do something to find out about Alicia and was contemplating the possibility of going back to Las Vegas.
    He also remembered what Mathias said to him; it could be dangerous going back.
    The other thing that had him bugged was Tanya. There was something about her that he could not get a handle on. He felt that she must be related to Alicia, but in what way
    As the service continued, Pastor was making the first of his three points. “The first point I’d like to exalt is, what seed have you planted?”
    He repeated, “What seed have you planted?”
    Many in the church took notes, so he waited until he could see those who did raise their heads. “Remember, when we plant a seed something must grow. In other words, there will be a manifestation of whatever you have sown. This we know. What we don’t know is how of when it will happen.”
    Sonny was now paying full attention to the sermon, so was R.J. Pastor Brooks was really making some profound statements. After a while no one was saying anything. The entire congregation somehow felt as if he was speaking to each one specifically.
    Martha, felt like her husband was prophesying to somebody, perhaps even himself. R.J. was trying not to see him being spoken to by denying any wrong in his life.
    Sonny however, had a revelation. He knew that he had to go back to Vegas, even if it were just to do a story on karaoke. Looking over toward Tanya, he caught her looking at him. She did not act as if she had just gotten caught staring. She kept her eyes on him. Sonny felt uncomfortable, and looked down at his Bible.
    I wonder what he’s thinking about. He’s got to know, that I lied last night about having a sister named Alicia, thought Tanya.
    The sermon was now coming to a climatic end, and the church had been worked into halleluiah frenzy. The pianist was playing chords that intensified the excitement.
    Pastor Brooks was sweating profusely. He hadn’t preached with such vigor in years. The congregation was fed from on high as they were convinced that this was a very special service.
    After the preaching was over, Minister Lee extended the invitation for new disciples. He was very convincing in his appeal, several teenagers and a few young adults came forward.

  4. The above post is an excerpt from Choir Boy too- a time to reap.It has not been edited so please excuse any type-os and mis-use of grammar.